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Divertainment brings together stories of the human experience where diving is the foundation for transformation. It is through diving, as Asrar Makrani believes, “getting more people to dive and experience the underwater world, will bring more appreciation and awareness of the damage we are doing to the ecosystem.” Whether you’re already a diver or on the road to certification, these stories hold the power to inspire all to explore our passions, find self-fulfillment and build connection to the world around us.

An Ocean Lover
Asrar Makrani, PADI Rescue Diver

Growing up on an island, I had an immense love and respect for the ocean. The natural beauty and the coral that surrounded the island, provided a unique experience and habitat for the marine life. Free diving the reefs among the shoal of various fishes and exploring the corals, I was beginning to see the damage to the habitats caused by swimmers and snorkelers who seemed to lack the education in damage to the corals.

I now dive and take pictures showing both the negative and positive aspects of human intervention in our oceans and seas. I let my pictures do the talking as well as open a new world for those who are reluctant to jump in.

If I manage to get even 1 person to dive and appreciate the underwater world, I will feel complete and inspired to continue photographing.

Share with us your story and what joy diving brings to you. You never know who you would inspire and bring positive change to the oceans. Drop us an email with your details, an inspiring image of yourself and a short story.