I had a wonderful diving experience Open Water with KJ as she is so professional and such a people person. Definitely got hooked to diving and can't wait for the next trip with the gang.
Edmund Low
- Student
Wonderful experience with you all. Excellent personal service with people that are truly passionate about diving! Lastly, thanks a million to kj.
Felix Yan
- Student
KJ is very patience, passionate and professional! Had a wonderful experience.
Lo Jian Wei
- Student
This is the door that takes you to a whole different world and once you get the taste of it you will never stop craving for more. The instructors here are nothing short of awesomeness and they will try their level best to make sure that you had enjoyable diving lessons and trips. I had a lovely OW trip and the instructor Kj is nothing but the best there is. Thank you Divertainment for the wonderful trip.
- Student
If you ask me, this might be the best dive centre around.. The instructors here are nice and friendly, willing to share all their experiences to us. They put a lot of effort and patience to teach all the steps theoretically and technically in a very professional way. Anyway, they help me open up my very first vision under the sea, i pass my OW license, its pretty awesome, i think i will get my AOW license here too... Thank you Divertainment, double thumbs up..!!
Sam Lo
- Student
Congrats on your brand new site! Looking good! I first started to dive under the influence of kj although with a relatively poor skill in swimming. Kj was patience enough to give me all the guidance i need and to overcome the phobia to descend underwater. Soon after Open Water Diver course i have decided to fine-tune my buoyancy and other skills in order to enjoy scuba diving - hence i took up the Advanced Open Water Course. It was all fun - and we were in Lumut, Pulau Sembilan. A very challenging dive site with strong drifts and limited visibility. Kj taught me how to use the compass navigation as well as the unforgettable 'dark experience' in deep diving. Thank you Kj! i think it's never about the dive site- it's always the instructor whom you've decided to follow to be able to teach you all you need to know and master in scuba diving.
Pow Yun
- Student (OW, AOW, Nitrox)
I have always wanted to get my divers license but was never able to find the time to do so. I was introduced to KJ by a colleague and decided to join her diving trip to Padang, Indonesia together with two other students to get our Open Waters Diver certification. KJ is a great instructor as she was very patient with us throughout the whole process. She has great knowledge on diving and is never shy to share her experience and knowledge with us. It was truly a fun and exciting trip. Getting certified as a diver and having lotsa fun at the same time - what more could you ask for? Thank you KJ and looking forward to more diving trips in the future!
Alvin Lim
- Student (OW, Nitrox)
1 word, AWESOME! 2 words, Geng AWESOME! 3 words, Super Duper AWESOME! Boring? Find KJ! Holiday? Find KJ! Swim? Find KJ! Dive? Find KJ! Shops? Find KJ! Dinner? Find KJ! Lonely? Find KJ! Don't get me wrong! She will bring u throughout the underwater life and lonely no more! Dolphins and whales will by ur side as well as some lenglui lengzai divers too! Get ready for some awesome underwater adventure! Thank you KJ!
- Student (OW, AOW, Nitrox)
I just completed my open water diving course with KJ Seow at Padang, Indonesia. I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you what a great job she did. Kj is a very passionate and professional instructor. This made my learning experience fun and excited for my first dive. Kj was also more than happy to spend extra time with me in the classroom or water and thus I felt extremely well prepared for my open water diving course, and so much more relaxed than I imagined I would be. I am very happy that I chose to take my open water diving course with Kj and would whole-heartedly recommend her to others.
- Student (OW, AOW, Nitrox)
she would go the extra length to teach you and make u pass with flying colors. she never cut corners. worths every dollar paid for the dive course. will definitely recommend. thank you kj!
- (Nitrox)
1 word = Crazy 2 word = Extreme Crazy 3 word = Extreme Crazy Friendly As an instructor, she really capable to do so. In her lesson, you are not able to cut corners and she willing to spend extra time on you to ensure you are used to it and comfortable. Although i am scare of water, but with her encouragement and teaching skills, has successful led me become an Open Water Diver. Really need to appreciate and thank my instructor KJ, who brought me into a new “underwater” life. Words can’t describe the feeling when you are underwater and watching those marine life coming live to you- is truly rewarding.
Ivan Chooi
- Student (OW)
First time going for diving might be as scary as you can get but with the proper and structured lessons provided, the next thing you know is you're rocking under the sea with awesome aquatic animals! A special thanks to my instructor, KJ, for her undivided attention and patient on guiding us on the skills and she will make sure you nailed the skills. Not forgetting she recognized my fear of mask removal and personalized a way to overcome it! Thank you KJ and see you underwater! 😀
Samantha Lim
- Student (OW)
Very patient and fun instructor to learnt from. What we opt for is an exciting dive, it can be done with KJ.
Julian Lee
- Student (OW)
This diving lesson is actually a birthday gift to my girlfriend, Summer. A skill which she can posses for life and have fun with. My GF and I enjoyed the dive journey a lot with KJ. Had a lot of fun during theory, pool and open water session and exam. KJ is committed, passionate, and professional in guiding us through this journey. Now, we are certified divers and will explore more in this activity together with KJ in the future. Thank you very much KJ for making this present a successful one and hope Summer likes it!
Kelvin Yan
- Student (OW)
Not everyone knows how to teach but KJ definitely does. and she's doing it with contagious passion so my open water course with her was really enjoyable. She explains thoroughly and will always make sure the student understands the rationale behind every action/inaction.
Wei Jian, Lim
- Student (OW)
This is the best place to learn scuba diving. The instructors are extremely good, fun and have lots of experience. Definitely will dive more with them and strongly recommend!
Sean Tan
- Diver
Okay, definitely i want to write something about my open water diving experience and my PADI OW Scuba Instructor#337945, KJ, that ‘s the name everybody call her! Make it this way, if you guys and ladies feel that wish to try diving and not sure where to start, my recommendation is start with KJ. My buddy and me were introduced to her by my colleague. From the theory class, skill learning to pool diving, she delivered the theory and practical clearly and patiently. Then came to the shinning part when we went to Redang for open water diving, 3D2N, short, compact but Ha,Ha.. GOOD! I started with a bit excited and nervous(regarding whether i could achieve my expectation on the basic skills) in the dive 1, slowly getting the diving confident in the dive 2, and got the whole new feeling about diving in dive 3 and 4. When first descending to around 18m in dive 3, the feeling started getting different, difficult to describe, more like feeling : i am doing it! Seeing KJ diving around calmed down my heart, this is how you know how reliable and responsible your instructor is. My buddy definitely has the same feeling with me in this point. The KJ diving group in Redang is great, my buddy Heng who is faithful guy, the friendly and always energetic girls(still happily and obviously enjoyed taking photographs after all dives!), Mr Adam the group support (Thank you!) and our PADI OW Scuba Instructor, KJ, double thumbs up!( ha,ha, not means to ascend, is double GOOD!)
- Student (OW)
I wish to get the diving license after knowing from my brother until my colleague taking a course with KJ so I decided to take it. After the Redang diving trip, I strongly recommend KJ as instructor for taking diving course from her because she is patience and responsible instructor. Beside I also thanks to Adam (group support) who giving some good advice on finning during my leason in confined water and also teaching on the way to breath. Looking forward to join you all for diving. ^^
Yeong Heong, Lee
- Student (OW)
Diving with KJ was a great experience! As a beginner diver, I feel secure with her around as she is very professional and always have her eyes on us. KJ is very committed and she made sure all of us understand the theory behinds every action. I am feeling lucky to have her as our instructor and looking forward to explore more dive sites with KJ !!!
Amber Gan
- Student (OW)
This is my first diving experience and it was great. If you are lack of confident or afraid of diving, KJ is definitely best choice i would recommend. I love her teaching method and the way she encourage student which build up my confidence. Hope to explore more dive site with KJ. Thanks for you kindness and patient towards me 🙂
Joyce Tan
- Student (OW)
She might look petite and cute but never underestimate her strength (she can carry the tanks and still walk like a boss).. Despite her strength and strong look, she is so passionate of her job and super duper patient while teaching (although we asked you to repeat so many times lol).. she can be a good teacher and a very fun friend.. really enjoy the diving with you this cute little colorful dinosaur..
BeeLay, Ang
- Student (OW)
Kj is a professional, passionate and patient instructor. We completed our Open Padi Dive through profession training in fun environment~!
ShuTeen, Chong
- Student (OW)
I never thought that i could be a certified diver! And YEAH I DID IT!! HAHAHA. I'm actually a bit fear of water and a slow learner, but luckily i have a nice instructor who can always calm me down and help me to  get over my fears and panic! Thanks KJ, thanks for your patient, i love the way you teach & share the diving experiences. Diving with KJ, i feel secure.  It was a nice and memorable Redang diving trip 🙂 can't wait to explore more dive site with KJ :D!
Wei Na, Chong
- Student (OW)
I have no word to express how grateful I am to our instructor KJ. Anyone can dive but not everyone can teach. This girl is so knowledgeable and experienced and yet she makes everything simple and fun. Don't worry if you are a slow learner because she's one of the most patient human in this world provided you are willing to learn. Her instructions are clear and her tone is sweet too. I've learned more than I expected from her. Eight of us took part in this course/trip and all of us love her, definitely the best 5 star instructor ever. We are too lucky to have KJ as our instructor. Thank you for taking care and being so nice to all of us and we looking forward to have more diving trips with you.
Jee Sze, Poh
- Student (OW)
I got to know KJ through a friend's referral, and boy, was she patient throughout my learning process and willing to share any tip for better dive experience. So far I have been to 3 trips together with KJ, and I enjoyed all of them! If my friends would like to learn diving I will definitely recommend her. Try it if you don't believe me xD
Lok Mun, Law
- Student (OW)
I’ve had the pleasure to dive with Divertainement KL under the supervision of KJ. She is just a SUPERB instructor with vast experience and knowledge in her profession. She is so humble and patient during her class session. I like her attitude on safety which makes me feel safe to dive knowing that someone has got my back. I’m really looking forward to dive with her again!
Alwin Anand
- Diver
KJ Seow who is my instructor, has all the qualities & qualifications to teach anyone, even if you are afraid of the open water. She gives us the assurance, courage and confidence during our group very first open water dive. Very patient, composed and very detailed in advising us what we can and/or should do including what we can't do. Always on the lookout for us as a group in the open water and quick to provide assistance whenever needed during our open water exposures. A special thank you to KJ's assistant instructor Adam, who gave a helping hand and for his kind advises too. I highly recommend KJ Seow as your instructor for your open water dive certifications.
Francis Goh
- Diver
Took Open Water and Advance Open Water with Divertainment instructor KJ Seow. If you're looking for instructor for scuba diving, you won't go wrong with Divertainment! Enjoy your dive!
TK Ong
- Student/ Diver
Great dive center, and friendly staff. They've got all the gear you need to begin diving.
Gary Geh
- Instructor/ Diver
First of all, thanks everyone for making what seemed to be the worst decision made at that point of time to be one of the best weekend getaway I've ever had. Fortunate enough to say, I have made it through this hectic week of tests too ! To be honest, i've never really expected much from this trip as I didn't really know any of you well but to my amazement, everyone was super helpful and friendly throughout the trip which I am still really grateful for. Special thanks to both of my awesome instructors (KJ and Evon) for tolerating my lack of rule #2 too hahaha. Will definitely be looking forward to my next diving trip hopefully in the near future. I hope everyone had a great time too! Cheers. Han
Han Fey Yap
- Student (OW)
Fiona Chin
- OW Student
very good ,very professional.
Jordan Yeoh
- OW Student
Helpful instructors, they are trying to make you a responsible and experience diver instead of only offering OW & AOW courses. Got my AOW from kj..
KC Lim
- AOW Student/ Diver
The instructors are very professional in what they are doing prior to their experience and technical expertise. I enjoyed my open water diving course with clear and concise guidance. More than enough training is provided to ensure you are prepared for the course. Credits to KJ, and Jivko ! Very friendly, helpful and responsible. I truly enjoyed my dive!
Melvin Tan
- OW Student
Friendly and trustable instructor , they make sure you have enough training before getting your license done !
Jordan Ng
- OW Student
Did my first open water diver course in Tioman and really enjoyed it! At first, I was really afraid and wasn't used to staying underwater for so long. I always felt the need to come up to the surface for real air. But, since they provide unlimited pool training here, I practiced the skills almost everyday for a week to build up my water confidence, which was what I really needed. Thank you KJ and team for the awesome experience!
Clarrisha Hong
- OW Student
Got my Open Water diver's license from Divertainment, they have good facilities and provided me with plenty of encouragement. On top of that, they also provide unlimited pool training session to ensure that I'm comfortable in water to prepare me for my island dive trip. The instructors are very caring and patient when conducting the classes. The time is flexible to my schedule as well. Ps: Instructors are very friendly, go on a trip with them is awesome!
Thien Sing
- OW Student
I became an Open Water diver with Divertainment! The instructors of this institution are really caring and patient. When I had trouble equalizing (a term you'll hear more often if you choose to dive with them!), the instructor waited patiently with me in the shallow end of the pool while the other students continued on with their practice. I eventually got used to it but it touched me deeply that their instructor waited so patiently for me. Also, while I was taking my diving test, a Divemaster from Divertainment was tasked with the duty to ensure that no examinees wandered off. As a testament to the level of professionalism of the instructors from Divertainment, even their divemaster was extremely skilled and well mannered. I really enjoyed my time with both the instructors and students from Divertainment. I'm definitely planning on another trip with them in the near future!
Jin Sheng
- OW Student
Very great instructor and great facilities for training at the pool!! I took my open water license over here and I had a great experience during those dives! The instructor are very patient as well and will always guide you if you have any problems for diving!
Xun Wei
- OW Student
Very professional diving instructor, safety in prior to build the base to start diving. Confidence with instructor skill and diving trips. Yosh! let's enjoy diving with Scuba Diving Divertainment~
Lee Cheah Hwa
- Student
Highly Recommended, Superb instructor- KJ Great Facilities For Pool Training. Just Amazing !
Yew KL
- Student
Did both my open water and advanced open water with divertainment and the experience with them has been nothing less than exhilarating! They are very minute in their details and ensure safety at the highest level yet not compromising the fun. Highly recommended!
Asrar Makrani
- Rescue Diver
我的潜水师傅: 1. 女性 – 虽是小巧精致类型但是体力臂力不比你差 2. 教学 – 水上有条有理,深入浅出,水下耐心解释,细心观察 3. 沟通 – 广东话,华语,国语,英语,手语(水上有限,水下上线)都不是问题 4. 5🌟 – 5🌟PADI认证的潜水中心 品质保证 亲生体验 绝无欺诈 下海 找她
- Student
Overall experience is beyond 5 stars. Blindly signed up for the Open Water without any expectations and with the quality of services received, further signed up for Advance and Enrich Air without a second of hesitant. The Instructor (KJ) is approachable almost all the time except when she's in the water. Although KJ is quite strict but safety is always being prioritised and that definitely increases the level of my trust and confidence. Hats off to the tremendous passion, patient and professionalism of KJ. The supporting staffs and other Instructors are fairly helpful and friendly as well. Strong bond and friendship have since then been well established. With Divertainment you can rest assured with "dive safe with fullest enjoyment" (based on my personal experience).
Lee SC
- Student
What makes a dive centre so good is that the community built around it. Service quality is needless to say but what I like here the most is their members, DMs and most importantly instructor
Tan Weh Ming
- Student
Learning a lot from this friendly and responsible instructor. Teaching with full heart and make us understand in every classes.. Patient, friendly and a good mentor..
- Student
Got my OW in Divertainment and during the progress, the team were super friendly, patient towards student while teaching, profesional and always ensure we are save during dive. Highly recommended.
- Student
Simply the best managed dive center that I have come across. If you’re interested in taking up scuba, there is no other place that I will recommend. KJ is a true professional with a genuine passion to teach and strives to make sure that all her students have a great scuba experience
Ian Choong
- Student
Probably the best dive centre around, had a great experience with them, very professional friendly and patience instructor to lead you along, and they do as well emphasize on every safety step. Happy with my choice , excellence service!
Dickson Lee
- Student
Looks garang but actually nice and very detalied and patience in teaching. Conveniently located with plenty free parking space.
Freddie Tan
- Diver
My friends and I have obtained open water diving license after few months of training at Divertainment. As we all have busy schedule, here allows us to arrange the training time based on own schedule which I feel comfortable. Besides that, free pool training is available even after we finished the course. KJ Seow is our instructor, she is super friendly and professional, she teaches and guides us patiently whenever we were afraid or did wrongly. The other staff of Divertainment also very helpful and friendly.
Chan YS
- Student
I like divertainment because the instructor is very friendly and very kind. when we go for diving,we are like friend and family, all are having fun, and of cause they teach properly to make sure you can get your diving skills better and better.
Kelvin Loh
- Student
Highly recommend Divertainment. An experience instructor to teach us how to dive , always share her experience to us and also her training class is convenient can adjust follow your schedule especially you are a working adult but make sure your time dont clash with her other class schedule.
Ming Koon
- Student
One of the best diving centre at kl valley. Took OW and AOW. Great and experienced instructors with good responsibilities; ensuring you know all the skills
Kelvin Yap
- Student
The diving experience is wonderful, highly recommended to everybody who never try before, and also the intructor is very patient and friendly. I have a really good experience in this scuba diving and I also make lots of friends in this diving.Thanks to our beautiful instructor KJ.
Ong Khai Siang
- Student
They're a bunch of passionate divers who are willing to answer any doubts you have regarding techniques and stuffs on diving. Will definitely consider advanced open water class with them in future. Qu'est ce que tu attends ?
Jessica Tan
- Student
Great experience with this dive centre. Besides good facilities,the instructor is patient and thoughtful, with every doubt well-addressed and explained. It is pleasurable and secure to have the instructor around throughout the dive learning journey. The supporting team is very helpful and encouraging too. They will truthfully prepare the students well before heading to island for diving. A big thank you to KJ and her supporting team for the guidance and valuable sharing!
Ooi Zi Lui
- Student
Impressive with the efficient services and flexible arrangement throughout the completion of open water scuba diving. No doubt that this diving centre worths beyond 5 stars. Enjoy diving with this friendly and passionate instructor KJ (small small piece yet so strong) and her team. I will definitely go for adv open water with Divertainment soon! Thanks for such a wonderful experience
Alyce Ooi
- Student
Did my OW and AOW with Divertainment and there's no single moment regretting my decision. Being a landlubber my entire life, it's hard for an aquaphobia to take up so much courage throwing herself into the deep sea, and thanks for the professional guidance, reassuring and the calm experience (did I mentioned unlimited pool dives?) that certainly helps greatly in gaining my confidence and getting my feet into the deep. Here's what you really need to know -- even if you don't trust yourself, trust the instructor and you're all good!
Bell Ng
- Student
good and friendly instructor
Lee Minn Yiing
- Student
The instructor was very clear with his explanations n also encourages n motivates those who are unable grasp the nuances easily
Jayamoni Patmanathan
- Student
KJ, my instructor who has put all of her effort to guide us and lead us during the dive. She was being super friendly and patient all the time. Definitely the best dive center in town.
Julio Chong
- AOW Student
Firstly it's a Padi 5 star dive center. Instructors have tons of experience and most importantly, they have the patience to teach. Being a good diver is not necessarily a good teacher. However Divertainment surpassed my expectations that they are dedicated to ensure students are well equipped with theory knowledge and practical execution. I am so glad that the instructor have good patience. I did my AOW with Divertainment and it was truly remarkable experiences from bouyancy pool classes in Lake view Subang to AOW certification in Pulau Weh. Amazing! Thanks KJ and team!
Raymond Khor
- Student (AOW)
I stepped in here at very basic knowledge and zero experiences. Ultimate pool training with tremendous and helpful instructor boost my confidence level after long period of training. It was awesome that i eventually ended up with certificate. Very clear instruction, professional and friendly. Thank you Kj and the gengs 🙂
- OW Student
You will notice that the instructors are very experienced from the way they teach and guide you through the training. Teaching patiently is an essential key that they specially have to assure all the students to pass the test theoretically and technically. Probably the best dive center i’ll recommend to you who are reading this.
Max Phang
- Open Water Student