A Big Welcome To Divertainment

Diving in the Asia Pacific, especially Malaysia can be simply described as spectacular. Divertainment explores several sites around the small islands here in Malaysia, as well as neighboring countries. Protected as a biological reserve by the government, the water surrounding our islands (i.e. Redang, Tioman, Sipadan, Mabul) is extremely pristine and teeming with life.

A wide variety of marine life can be discovered beneath the island waters. Perhaps the most memorable encounters occur with the pelagics that inhabit the area. In the tropical dive here, the large schools of fish swimming around and overhead can be breathtaking. Water visibility is good and can range from 15-20 meter. Temperatures hovers around 28-30 degrees all year round for an exquisite diving experience.

Our highly flexible schedule is customizable to your trips – whether weekend or weekdays, anytime you wish to learn scuba diving. Drop us a line if you wish to hire our professional scuba instructor for a Discovery Scuba Experience before your Open Water Diver Certification, or simply join our trips for more fun times underwater!

It’s always the divers + entertainment that makes DIVERTAINMENT!

Our Cool Team

Khai (KJ)

PADI Master Instructor
MI #337945

Chris Cheong

PADI Instructor
OWSI #428064


PADI Instructor
OWSI #447132

Zhivko Jeliazkov

PADI Instructor
OWSI #410679


PADI Assistant Instructor

Alyze Ooi

PADI Divemaster

Ian Choong

PADI Divemaster

Mei Ki

PADI Divemaster


PADI Divemaster

Freddie Tan

PADI Divemaster

Grey Ong

PADI Divemaster Candidate


PADI Divemaster Candidate


PADI Divemaster Candidate


PADI Divemaster Candidate

Hanna Lew

PADI Divemaster Candidate

Tommy Tan

PADI Divemaster Candidate

Asrar Makrani

PADI Divemaster Candidate

Tan Ze Ying

PADI Divemaster Candidate

Wong Weng Sing

PADI Divemaster Candidate

David Teh

PADI Divemaster Candidate

Why Dive With Us?

  • Small Group Diving

    Avoid The Crowds: generally, our maximum dive groups are four divers per dive guide, when you dive with us you’ll get what you came to see, an unobstructed view of underwater stunning sea life (instead of fins of the other divers!)

  • Great Attitude

    From first contact to last dive, you can rely on us to make your scuba diving adventure you will never forget. Our experienced PADI Divemaster and Instructors will guide you on incredible dive trips in the amazing underwater world.

  • Expert Education

    We will never cut corners on our PADI scuba diving courses. Our aim is to produce confident, capable divers, not only to maintain our standards, but for your safety and peace of mind and for the care & protection of the marine environment.

    We might not be the cheapest, but we’re definitely one of those who are devoted in scuba teaching.

  • Flexible Schedule

    We understand everyone has different schedule. Speak to us for your best time to take a break from work – be it weekdays or weekends. We will work out something for you to suit your needs!