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to wear wetsuit, or no

Interesting question, as it sounds.

Pool training is normally done here in our Subang pool at a water temperature of 31c (yes! 31c!) and i still feel a lil chilly after being in the water for hours.

the last training program i had with some kids here in the pool got them all tanned and due to the shorty wetsuit they were wearing, all turned to be zebra- color toned. they didnt like it, obviously. and so the following class, they have decided to wear just rashguard (skinsuit) into the pool.

training took place last sunday, one of those peak cold days in KL (or around Malaysia) in which we were experiencing 23c or 24c at night. i’ve alerted them on the cold weather, however none of them paid a single attention to it and just poooff! jumped into the water straight away.

i was never that brave. i wore a 1mm vest under a 5mm full suit, comfortably looking at everyone shivering after 20minutes then casually asked them: so, wetsuit? still an answer no. OK fine. class went on.

half an hour later, i realise three out of 6 students were looking really pale and so i instructed all of them to leave the water to dry off.

and of course end of the day they told me, ok teacher, next class we will wear wetsuit for sure!




KJ aka pink monster.

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