You will notice that the instructors are very experienced from the way they teach and guide you through the training. Teaching patiently is an essential key that they specially have to assure all the students to pass the test theoretically and technically. Probably the best dive center i’ll recommend to you who are reading this.
Max Phang
- Open Water Student
I stepped in here at very basic knowledge and zero experiences. Ultimate pool training with tremendous and helpful instructor boost my confidence level after long period of training. It was awesome that i eventually ended up with certificate. Very clear instruction, professional and friendly. Thank you Kj and the gengs
- Open Water Student
This is the door that takes you to a whole different world and once you get the taste of it you will never stop craving for more. The instructors here are nothing short of awesomeness and they will try their level best to make sure that you had enjoyable diving lessons and trips. I had a lovely OW trip and the instructor Kj is nothing but the best there is. Thank you Divertainment for the wonderful trip.
- Student
If you ask me, this might be the best dive centre around.. The instructors here are nice and friendly, willing to share all their experiences to us. They put a lot of effort and patience to teach all the steps theoretically and technically in a very professional way. Anyway, they help me open up my very first vision under the sea, i pass my OW license, its pretty awesome, i think i will get my AOW license here too… Thank you Divertainment, double thumbs up..!!
Sam Lo
- Open Water Student