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good and friendly instructor

Lee Minn Yiing

Did my OW and AOW with Divertainment and there’s no single moment regretting my decision. Being a landlubber my entire life, it’s hard for an aquaphobia to take up so much courage throwing herself into the deep sea, and thanks for the professional guidance, reassuring and the calm experience (did I mentioned unlimited pool dives?) that certainly helps greatly in gaining my confidence and getting my feet into the deep. Here’s what you really need to know — even if you don’t trust yourself, trust the instructor and you’re all good!👍💪

Bell Ng

Impressive with the efficient services and flexible arrangement throughout the completion of open water scuba diving. No doubt that this diving centre worths beyond 5 stars. Enjoy diving with this friendly and passionate instructor KJ (small small piece yet so strong) and her team. I will definitely go for adv open water with Divertainment soon! Thanks for such a wonderful experience 

Alyce Ooi

Great experience with this dive centre. Besides good facilities,the instructor is patient and thoughtful, with every doubt well-addressed and explained. It is pleasurable and secure to have the instructor around throughout the dive learning journey. The supporting team is very helpful and encouraging too. They will truthfully prepare the students well before heading to island for diving. A big thank you to KJ and her supporting team for the guidance and valuable sharing!

Ooi Zi Lui

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